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Digital B2B Communities were pioneered by Group intelligence to better integrate and automate ecosystems in the technology market.

Starting in 2001, Software Communities were developed to facilitate superior peer-peer communications across the ecosystem, and optimize knowledge exchange and global collaboration between main vendors, their customers and partners.

Initially designed for logistics support to global user group operations, software communities continue to evolve and customized to address the ever-changing objectives of our members and all stakeholders. Features and services include:

  • virtual user groups; subject level forums; code and best practices exchange; polls and surveys; and increasingly
  • important, partner-to-partner and partner-to-customer communications . . .

As leaders in the Digital B2B community space, Group Intelligence has developed a highly successful community growth formula, and associated co-sourced model with ecosystem leaders.

The outcome is continuous improvement in: customer and partner satisfaction; customer TCO; brand development; 'white space' marketing; 'ecosystem trade'; and, partner ROI - all while reducing the main client's cost of customer and partner support.

Group Intelligence methodologies and community tools enable very rapid ecosystem development . . . with guaranteed growth and engagement.

Following are some of the communities that GI developed and manage.











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