Changing the View of Sales


Solutionize™ is our leading sales collaboration and enablement platform that is transforming the view of sales.

At its core, Solutionize™ delivers Smart Solution Kits with On Demand information - and everything needed to systematically communicate solutions (hardware/software/services combinations) in one place; visually presented for better decision making and mobile social-media ready for viral speed to market.


Solutionize™ empowers

  • Sales people to radically improve the way they configure solutions, prospect, sell and manage the solutions engagement process

  • Customers to self select from complex solution offerings from a vendor and its partners

  • Marketers to create partner collaboration networks, and
    • produce Solution Stores as one place to go to buy from the network
    • drive Channel Enablement


Channel Experts on Solutionize:

    "The key is simplicity and ease of use, and there are some tools that can help. Group Intelligence provides a compelling solution called Solutionize for the enablement channel gear. The company's solution fills the gap that's created when channels fail to adequately enable their resellers. In short, Solutionize is cloud-based and it schematically lets the sales rep easily outline all the components of an opportunity by prompting the rep. It's simple and proactive." - Keith Lubner, Getting Enablement in Gear, Redmond Channel Partner, February 2011


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